If you’ve not heard of the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings, then you soon will do as the current biggest spenders on US TV advertising  (it is projected they have spent $150 in the last 3 months) look to grow their presence in the UK. Indeed DraftKings are currently recruiting for a variety of London positions.

Based out of Glasgow (UK) and Boston (US) respectively, FanDuel and DraftKings are relatively new start-up’s and were forged to take advantage of the change in US legislation that outlawed online gambling.

In US law, fantasy sport (the same premise as the widely played fantasy football competitions we have here in the UK, where you pick a football team governed by a budget and other parameters to score points) is considered a game of skill rather than chance and so isn’t precluded.  These games occur over a much shorter time period (e.g. a day or week) and by paying to enter, players fees swell the prize pot to million’s of dollars at a time.

With the two companies fighting for deals with leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB etc) and member clubs across the US, this appetite to reach fans through official partnerships presents a new opportunity for UK rights holders if they can negotiate clear separation from existing betting company sponsorships.

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