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The definitive global guide to brand activations at music festivals 2016

Kick-started in 2010 by Frukt, the definitive global guide to brand activations at music festivals was born out of an observation [...]

The growing importance of brand partnerships in the music industry

The IFPI Global Music Report 2016 is a useful overview of the health of the music industry showcasing the main revenue [...]

F1 Benefits From a New Generation of Drivers

Much like golf, where 2015 saw the successful rise of some great new talent, F1 interest has benefited from some [...]

The State of Play in Golf Today – The Repucom World Golf Research Report 2015

Golf is a multi-billion dollar industry that is experiencing some of its most tumultuous times.  But a new generation of players, [...]

Who are the UK Fans Watching the Rugby World Cup 2015?

Following on from Repucom's 'Rugby World Cup: What does the global fanscape look like?', Marketing Week and Experian have combined demographic [...]

The Value of Non-official Rugby World Cup Partners Social Media Campaigns

Market intelligence agency, Repucom, has identified, monitored and valued three of the most striking social media campaigns deployed by non-official [...]

New Markets Show Huge Growth in Rugby World Cup Fans

New data shows the huge growth in the number of Rugby World Cup fans across the sport’s less dominant competing [...]

Esports revenues reach $765M in 2018 as enthusiasts grow to 165m

Esports is an evolving sponsorship platform that both brands and sponsorship agencies should be paying closer attention to in a saturated [...]

Rugby union sponsorship analysis

In the second of a three-part white paper series ahead of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, experts from around the [...]

What types of sports fans are most influenced by sponsorship? Global sports fans in the information age. Who are we? What motivates us? How do we create value? [...]