The European SportsTech Report 2018 provides a mix of data-driven insights from people at the core of the ecosystem. It provides a reliable fact-based view of the market, helping you grasp its actual size and development. Secondly, it provides an overview of the people and projects, showcases opportunities and success stories.

The report covers a variety of topics including:

  1. Expert points of view – what are the current developments, startups which excite them and their expectations for the future?
  2. An overview of SportsTech sectors (and sub-sectors) – a summary of 24 European SportsTech startups, with data-driven insights about the market sectors
  3. Overviews of startups, investors and deal flow – Investment approaches, current developments in the market and what the future may look like. A data-driven overview of capital flow is also shared
  4. A summary of accelerators and incubators – an overview of approaches, activities and plans for the future
  5. Events and other initiatives – developments in bringing people together and in creating movements in certain communities
  6. An insight from FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich on their tech approach, and how they are planning for the future.

Current trends identified, and discussed, in the SportsTech scene include:

  1. Wearables
  2. Smart gear
  3. Big and small data use in sport
  4. ‘Datatainment’
  5. Funding/crowdfunding
  6. Content creation and distribution
  7. Fan engagement
  8. Esports vs traditional sports

Some expectations for 2018 that have been identified include:

  1. Sports merging with entertainment
  2. The ‘Silicon Valley’ form and of, sports
  3. The race between US and European-based sports
  4. Netflix‘ of sports next chapters
  5. Aggregation and convergence revolution will continue. Expect more Disney/21st Century Fox deals to happen
  6. Technology and Data companies prioritising sports
  7. Traditional leading sports properties will continue to lose ground to innovative properties
  8. FIFA, and other leading rights holders, driving digital revolutions

Click here to download The European SportsTech Report 2018 – a view of the ecosystem.