The Eventbrite Event Industry Report 2017 is a ‘state of the industry’ report that considers conferences, exhibitions, festivals, gigs, classes, endurance races, and everything in between. The organisers who took part in the survey were professional event organisers, charities, freelancers, small-to-medium businesses and larger enterprises. The report gives you a comprehensive overview of the events industry and the key trends, challenges, and opportunities facing those working in it.

So what does the Eventbrite Event Industry Report 2017 tell us?

  • Although the survey took place after the results of the in/out referendum on EU membership were known, it has done little to dampen the optimism of the industry, with 65% of organisers saying they’re expecting their current events to grow, and 56% planning on launching more new events this year.
  • That being said, nearly a quarter of all respondents did expect Brexit to have some impact on their events over the next 12 months.
  • ‘Efficiency’ is still the watchword for most organisers (no change from last year), with some 40% expecting a drive for efficiency or cost reduction will be the number one factor shaping their events.
  • Despite a lot of news coverage and some terrible events in 2016, security is still surprisingly low on everyone’s list of concerns, though it is increasingly on the radar for ‘professional event organisers’.
  • On average, despite focusing on efficiency, budgets rose 7% last year.
  • In terms of marketing and technology, not much has changed over the last 12 months.
  • Social media continues to grow in popularity, as do event apps; while VR/AR and big data/analytics are creeping towards wider adoption, and certainly much broader awareness amongst organisers.
  • The marketing mix is unchanged since Eventbrite’s first survey, with email, free social media and referrals/word of mouth taking the top 3 spots as ‘most effective’ channels in that order.
  • There has been plenty of change amongst the UK’s top venues this year, with several gaining prominence and a few dropping down the rankings.
  • In line with a focus on efficiency, the survey reveals that while operating budgets have risen slightly, there’s been downward pressure on teams, with team sizes reducing slightly, and the percentage of organisers considering reducing them further up from a year ago. However close to a third are still planning to hire, so it’s not all bad news on this front.

Read the full Eventbrite Event Industry Report 2017 for details on:

  • Why people are running events in 2017
  • Expectations of growth from different types of organiser
  • The big trends impacting growth
  • Detailed budget analysis of major items including:
    • Print
    • Venues
    • Food and beverage
    • Infrastructure
    • Marketing
    • Programme and content
    • Tools and technology
    • Video and photography
    • Insurance
    • Security
    • Onsite staffing
  • Which technologies organisers are investing in
  • The key marketing trends and most effective tactics
  • The UK’s favourite venues
  • What venues can do better
  • Average team sizes
  • The skills in most demand this year
  • Revenue streams

To download the Eventbrite Event Industry Report 2017, click here.