In SMG Insight/YouGov’s special report, ‘do the US and UK really love each other’s sports – or are we just being polite?’ they examine the progress of NFL and football/soccer in both the US and the UK, looking at whether the ‘Special Relationship’ between the two countries extends to these sports and how fans in America and the UK are different – and similar.

They asked if US sports fans are really passionate about football/soccer or whether it is just a niche interest for eccentrics, how much interest the NFL really commands in the UK outside of its UK tours and do sports fans in the US look and sound different to their British counterparts?

  • Areas covered include:
  • Fandom by age
  • Fandom by gender
  • Fandom by digital footprint
  • Market share of sports
    • TV
    • Social media
    • Sentiment

To download the report ‘Do the US and UK really love each other’s sports of football/soccer and the NFL?’, click here.

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